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MCT Industrial Co. Ltd was formed in Hong Kong & China Inland market in 1996 by a group of experienced entrepreneurship. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded its business throughout the world, including the north and south regions of the United States of Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, etc. Having its strong customer base throughout the years, CIT Industrial Co. Ltd was established in Wuhan in the year 1998 as MCT’s sourcing department. As of today, CIT Industrial Co. Ltd has evolved into a manufacturer, partnering up with more than 50 factories throughout the inland of China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

With the same idea and belief, MCT Industrial Sdn Bhd is formed in Malaysia in 2009, bringing awareness of a healthier and safer lifestyle and working environment. MCT Industrial Sdn Bhd is extremely strong in disposable items, the main categories MCT are focusing on include medical disposable category, restaurant hygiene, industrial safety as well so household. As of today, MCT industrial Sdn Bhd supplies to hospitals, clinics, restaurants, saloon & spas, different kinds of factories including automobile, food manufacturing and so on. MCT Industrial carries a wide range of products specializing in disposable products like all sorts of gloves, masks, polypropylene products, hair nets, aprons, shoe covers, safety shoes and so on.

Our vision is to raise social awareness in the nation towards a healthier and safer environment to be in. You can rely on our safety wear products and our dedicated team of employees to prove this with every order you make. All of us at MCT Industrial Sdn Bhd are committed to offering you, our customer, the best in safety and related equipment along with our superior customer service.

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